The financial statements case study

Project 1 – Sales

1. Identify and record the most current three years’ sales (in dollars) for both companies using their financial statements. Be sure the financial statements come from the company’s annual report. Do not use statements provided by third parties, like Yahoo Finance or others.

2. Using the data in question 1, predict both companies’ sales activity for the next two to three years. Hint: use trend analysis (Chapter 13).  If possible, compare your predictions to actual sales figures for those years.

3. Use Excel to compute profit margin for both companies for the two most recent years. Comment on your findings.



Divide the parts of this assignment equitably among your team members. Always make sure that at least two people compute any calculations and check each other’s work to make sure there are no errors. If your numbers are incorrect, your comments are going to be moot.


Include student names on the first page of the assignment for those who contributed. If a group member did not participate in the completion of the assignment, do not include his/her name.

Type the assignment question number, then the question, and then your response. Be sure all teammates read the documents and review that all components are included before submitting the assignment.


Make sure there are zero spelling/grammar errors.


Include the income statements (from the companies’ websites) for the three years so I can check your answers.Copy/paste them in your Word document. Do not submit them separately.  NO links!

Use a plagiarism checker (find a free one using Google) before you submit the assignment to ensure that no written work has been copied. Plagiarism will result in zero points for all teammates in the group.


Submit the assignment in Blackboard by clicking on the underlined Project 1 – Sales (right next to the paper/pencil/ruler icon) in this folder.


You will be attaching two documents for this assignment: a Word document and an Excel document. Do not combine them; in other words, don’t write the answers to the questions in Excel and don’t copy/paste your Excel results in the Word document. Keep them separate!

Late assignments are accepted no later than the day following the deadline and carry an automatic 20% penalty.