Musicals of the twenty first century

Theatre Now: Steps Toward Diversity Chapter Questions Read Chapter 9 “Musicals of the Twenty-First Century” (pages 244 to 246) and Chapter 10 (pages 247 to 260) in your textbook. Choose only 5 of these questions to answer. Write your answers in your own words; if you choose to quote from the textbook, remember to identify the source. Question # Chapter Questions 1 9 Explain how Broadway musicals have changed in the

21st century.

2 9 Explain why HAMILTON is considered “a cultural monument?”

3 10 Identify the current focus/topics of the American theatre’s social awareness.

4 10 Give an example of how current theatre is addressing inequality in each of these areas: (a) gender and sexuality (b) racism (c) access to theatre for people with disabilities

5 10 How has theatre moved from its pre-1960s attitude that plays must not be open about the Love that dare not speak its name? [This expression was first used by Lord Alfred Douglas in his 1894 poem, “Two Loves” written in reference to his intimate relationship with Oscar Wilde.]

6 10 How has race affected black, Latinx, Asian, and Native American playwrights, and how has their theatre work impacted social understanding?



7 10 How have Theatre Breaking Through Barriers and The National Theatre of the Deaf expanded theatre opportunities for performers and audiences?

8 10 Define intersectional theatre in 21st century America, and explain why this is significant.