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  FPGA development board VGA Monitor PS/2 Keyboard Monitor Cable
  Terasic DE0-CV Dell 17” Flat Panel LCD Monitor Model E176FP V7 Standard PS/2 Keyboard 15 ft Monitor VGA Cable
Part Number PP0192 E173FP CK0A2-4N6P MXT101MM15
Price $99 $39 $14.52 $9.99


There are several hardware and software components required to develop the Hack computer system. The hardware described in the Project Description can be realized with an FPGA development board, a PS/2 keyboard, and a VGA monitor. In addition, software will be needed the FPGA development, and FPGA simulation. Lastly, a programming IDE will be needed for the software components in the later phases of the project.

The detailed requirements for each component can be found below.


FPGA Development Board

The FPGA development board must be able to support the following digital hardware components:

· 16-bit Hack CPU composed of ALU, registers, program counter, and control logic.

· 32 KB of ROM

· 32 KB of RAM

· VGA Driver chip

· PS/2 Driver chip

In addition it would be beneficial if the development board supported a VGA connector, a PS/2 connector, and simple programming interface for setting up the board.

The DE0-CV Board meets all the above requirements.

· DE0-CV Board

· Part Number: PP0192

· Price $99

· Available here.

DE0-CV Specifications

FPGA Device

· Cyclone V 5CEBA4F23C7N Device

· 49K Programmable Logic Elements

· 3080 Kbits embedded memory

· 4 Fractional PLLs

Configuration and Debug

· Serial Configuration device – EPCS64 on FPGA

· On-Board USB Blaster (Normal type B USB connector)

· JTAG and AS mode configuration supported

Memory Device

· 64MB SDRAM, x16 bits data bus


· PS/2 mouse/keyboard