Hypothesis Testing on Grouped Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing: Grouped Inferential Statistics
In this assignment, you will perform hypothesis testing on grouped data related to the SPSS output you used in the Unit 3 assignment. Based on the data in the following scenario, choose and interpret appropriate inferential statistical analysis.

The program coordinators need to make a report to the stakeholders and asked you to provide information about the data collected. You evaluated the data for validation, and now you need to run analyses to determine if there are differences in the following:

· Residency program and the year of resident in the program.

· Residency program and gender.

· Residency program and race.

· Resident year and gender.

· Resident year and race.

· Gender and year.

· Did knowledge and confidence change as a result of the training?

· If knowledge and confidence changed, were there differences in the change based on gender?

· Was there a difference in the change in knowledge and confidence based on the residency?

Instructions for the Assignment
Create a 2–3 page report interpreting the results from the above scenario. Use the Data Description document and the Unit 6 SPSS Output report [PDF], listed in Resources.

To successfully complete this assignment, you must be able to demonstrate the following:

· Describe the statistical tests that were used to compare variables when analyzing by groups.

· Determine if the data in the analyses are normally distributed.

· Identify the type of data and errors (if any) in the data sets.

· Use the SPSS cross tabs to identify contingencies (the nature of the relationship between categories).

· Interpret statistical analyses when comparing two groups or more than two groups.

· Describe the results and align the data with the test that was used.

· Summarize the results of the statistical analyses. Note: Remember to address where the data differ (or do not differ) and the reporting of the statistical results.

Additional Requirements
In addition to the criteria in the Scoring Guide, you must also ensure your assignment meets the following requirements:

· Page count: Your assignment must be 2–3 double-spaced pages in length (not including a cover page or reference page).

· Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

· APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

· Number of references: Cite at least one peer-reviewed resource.

Submit your document as an attachment to this assignment.

· Hypothesis Testing: Grouped Inferential Statistics Scoring Guide.

· Data Description [DOC].

· Unit 6 SPSS Output [PDF].