How does evangelism affect diffusion?

Do you think that animism is common in world religions?
What are some of the ways in which religion provides structure to an adherent’s daily life?
How does evangelism affect diffusion?
Some religions have holy sites while others do not. Do you think that holy sites add significance to a cultural group?
What are some of the possible outcomes of intra-faith conflicts?
Can you identify areas within a culture, such as employment, that show a disproportionate number of men versus women? Thinking of your home region, are women afforded opportunity or are they denied influence in the public arena?
How does language contribute to ethnic conflict?
Are all forms of segregation negative? Is affinity segregation helpful or harmful to an ethnic group? Explain your position.
Are there times in which a person’s ethnicity could conflict with their nationality? Can you think of any examples?
Do you think the consequences of imperialism/colonialism are more positive or negative?
Do you think that the objectives of the United Nations are worthy of pursuit?
Do you think that imperialism is justifiable?
Do you think that your State experiences more centripetal forces or more centrifugal forces?
What political insights can be drawn from the borders of your home country?
Do you think that the Von Thünen Model is viable in today’s world? Why or why not?
Which one advancement of the Second Agricultural Revolution do you think was the most significant and why?
Do you think that animal domestication is more important that agricultural advancements with plants? Why or why not?
With regard to farming, what do you think is the best use of chemicals and why?
What role does agriculture play in relation to industrialization?