Assignment on Examining your epistemology

HNSC 4290 Activity #1: Examining your epistemology

Due: September 24, 2021 at 4:30 pm

5% of your final mark

1. Read the following papers posted on UMLearn:

a. Takacs, D. How does your positionality bias your epistemology? The NEA Higher

Education Journal 2003;27-38.

b. Ioannidis JPA, Trepanowski JF. Disclosures in nutrition research: why is it different.

JAMA 2018;319(6):547-548.

c. Popescu I. The educational power of discomfort. April 17, 2016.

2. Complete 1-2 online quizzes to assess your political orientation/ideology. You need not

complete these specific quizzes, these are just examples, for the purpose of reflecting on

your political views.

a. ideology_1




3. In a word file, provide a brief summary, not more than 200 words, of your worldview or

political ideology (generally) and how you think your positionality or life experiences

have shaped your ideology.

4. In the same word file, explain in 300 words or less, how your worldview and/or life

experiences influence your opinion on, including your support for, or lack thereof (or

critique of), the provincial government’s decision to “lockdown”, or place severe

restrictions on population movement, visitation, school closures, and workplaces for

extended periods during 2020 and 2021.

5. Submit the word file to Activity 1 folder before the due date, see above.